Misr University For Science and Technology, October 6, Egypt

Official Misr University for Science & Technology Facebook Page. Managed by: Misr University for Science and Technology is a leading independent university in Egypt, it was established by the presidential decree No. 245/1996 in accordance with law No.101/1992 governing private universities in Egypt. MUST enjoys full legal recognition by all educational authorities in Egypt & is authorized to grant B.A, B.S, M.A, M.S & Ph.D. Degrees in different fields of study. All the programs at MUST have been accredited by The Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt. University system The university follows the credit hours system, in general, one credit hour is the equivalent of one lecture hour every week for one semester. Two or more laboratory hours may be counted as one credit hour. The academic year is divided into two semesters of 16 weeks each. The fall semester usually starts in the third week of September, and the spring semester starts in the third week of February. An eight-week summer session is also available after the second semester. Language of Instruction English is the language of instruction in all colleges except for the Arabic branches of the colleges of Business, Archaeology and Mass Media. Academic Advising It is the university policy that each student is entitled to academic advising. In each specialization, the dean or department head concerned assigns academic advisors to provide students with pertinent information about their major, and to assist in planning their program of study, and in solving their academic problems. The Faculties Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery. Faculty of Pharmacy. Faculty of Physical Therapy. Faculty of Engineering. Faculty of Business. Faculty of Mass Media. Faculty of Foreign Languages. Faculty of Information Technology. Faculty of Biotechnology. Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. Faculty of Achaeology & Tourism Guidance. Al-Motamayez District 77 October 6 Egypt Call: Tel: (+202): 38354698 – 38354696- 38354695 – 38354694 - 38354689 – 38354687 – 38354686 Fax: (+202) 38354685 – 38354689 Mobile No: (+2): 0101634446 – 0101634442 - 0101634440 - 0101634441 Short No: 16111-16878 or 1MUST
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Misr University For Science and Technology, October 6, Egypt

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