Allama Iqbal Open University-Official, Islamabad, Pakistan

The only official page of Allama Iqbal Open University, largest public sector distance learning university located in Islamabad, Pakistan. (051)111-112-468 The Allam Iqbal Open University (popularize as AIOU), is a public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The university is noted as being one of the world's largest institution of higher learning with an annual enrollment of 1,121,038 students in the year 2010 whereas Course Enrollment of these students are 3,305,948 in 2011; the majority of the students enrolled with the University are females. Established in 1974, it is also Asia's first open university with a strong emphasis on providing distance education, engineering, law, philosophy, natural and social science. It is noted as of the most attractive university in the country and regarded as highest numbers of students applying in the university annually. The university offers extensive undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programmes in various academic disciplines. After witnessing the success of Open University in the United Kingdom, the university was established as a public university in 1974. It is regarded as one of the premier institution of higher learning as well as research in the development of education. Furthermore, the university is noted for its cost-effective policy to provide higher education at a minimum cost through a specialized university fund managed by the government. Sector H-8, 44000 Islamabad Pakistan Call: (051)111-112-468
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Allama Iqbal Open University-Official, Islamabad, Pakistan

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