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Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places - Western PA

Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places - Western PA Welcome to all of our new friends! I thank you for your interest in our page. We started this because it seemed that all of the abandoned places we always heard about were in the eastern part of the state but western PA has a lot to offer. Not everything that we post is necessarily abandoned and sometimes it's not even that old but it is definitely interesting! Occasionally we do get an opportunity to travel out of PA and if we find anything interesting in our travels we will share that with you too. Thank you again! And keep the posts coming - we love them! Will get more posts up for you too! Disclaimer! We Offer these photos as an opportunity to see them and while we may provide directions from time to time we don't support or encourage any trespassing or damage or defacing of any of the properties we photo. Some of these areas may be dangerous or cause injury if visited. Caution must be exercised if anyone plans to visit any of these sites. These photos are for the enjoyment of viewing and we are not liable for any injuries that may occur. All photos contain a watermark and artist copyright and are the sole property of Abandoned Old and Interesting Places-Western PA. No reproductions may be produced, copied, sold in any way without the express written consent of the owners of this site. Any offensive behavior or posting will cause you to be removed and banned from this site. Please enjoy these photos for the purpose of which they are intended as described above. Thank You!
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Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places - Western PA

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