A foil is one of the three weapons used in fencing, all of which are metal. It is flexible, rectangular and weighs under a pound. As with the épée points are only scored by contact with the tip, which is capped with a spring-loaded button to detect points in electrically scored tournaments. A foil fencer's uniform features the lamé, a vest, electrically wired to record hits in such cases. It is the most commonly used weapon in competition.Women were only able to compete with the foil until recently.Electric and nonelectric foilsThe components common to both varieties are the pommel, grip, guard, thumb pad, and blade.There is the nonelectric foil is known as "steam" or "dry", and an electric. Both varieties are capped with a plastic or rubber piece, with a button at the tip in electric blades. A judge is required to determine the victor in a tournaments with nonelectric foils.The Fédération Internationale d'Escrime and most national organisations require electric scoring apparatus, although some organizations still fence competitively with nonelectric swords. Nonelectric ones are primarily used for practice.There are also a range of plastic swords made by varying manufacturers for use by juniors.BladeFoil have standardized, tapered, quadrangular blades that are made of tempered and annealed, low-carbon steel and are designed to bend upon striking an opponent in order to prevent both injuries and breakage of the blade. For international competition maraging steel is required. The foil blade is no more than 90 cm in length with a blunted tip. The maximum length of the assembled weapon is 110 cm; the maximum weight is 500g, but most competition swords are lighter, closer to 350g.
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