Artist Reach, New York, United States

Artist Reach, dynamically run by Professional Musicians, specializes in Artist Development with elite Industry Services to get you to the next level. Formerly known as The Pact Music Society, this is business is a revolutionary twist and answer to the many problems people encounter with the music industry/ art industries. Artist Reach will bring experienced artists and their connections, knowledge and personal expertise to the table to help others in the industry who might feel stuck or cannot seem to further their projects. Also, companies in the fallen industrialism world and seeking innovative creative changes or boosts to their business will be assisted to connect with the appropriate artist in question that will generate a fluent positive financial shift and in accordance to the “new world” corporate visions achieve a higher, more diverse plateau. Artist Reach's goal is to sustain as a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service that has a loyal customer following. "By artists, For artists". Artist Reach and affiliations have confidence that this platform can surpass existing virtual plateaus; the world of industrialism is over, and what the world needs is creativity to not only be accepted on a much higher level, but also to encourage this generation to think creatively because they will see the future, we may not. This business is run by people who have DIRECTLY EXPERIENCED the industry first hand; whether it be touring, teaching, recording, fundraising, or any of the other services provided, and one of the most important points about the company is that it cuts out the middleman and exposes resources otherwise unknown to the general public. The important thing to know about the Artist Reach is that it is run and operated by artists for artists, which means that the quality comes from hands-on EXPERIENCE, which according to leading research proves to create better results than involving personnel that have not lived the circumstances that the Artist Reach community urns for. Products and Services: We have many! A music/art POOL RESOURCE dedicated to professional enhancement of: BAND/MUSIC/POETRY/CREATIVE WRITING/SONGWRITING/ETC. Connections and affiliations with labels and high end producers, and everything in between, management, artist development, graphic / merchandise / flier designs, consulting, shows / tour booking, networking, artist promotion, band / artist coaching, music lessons (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Drums), studio recording, and lots more. Everything always starts with a consultation, therefore we can qualify your needs. There is something for everyone here! We have been recommended highly by people who have paid for our services; so our success rate is 100% guaranteed! Please contact us today at to inquire about getting yourself to the next level today; we would be glad to send you an official brochure about what we are all about in its entirety! Follow: @ArtistReach Connect: 313 MacDougal St, # 8A 10002 New York United States Call: (718) 801-6852
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Artist Reach, New York, United States

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