DANCER INSIDE DANCER INSIDE is a cultural and artistic project created in 2008 by the italian architect and photographer Simone Ghera and patronized by the Russian Cultural Insitute. The exhibition shows a new, unique insight of the ballet dancers, strictly linked to the architerctural environment of the city. DANCER INSIDE focuses on getting close to the dancer as “a person”, capturing the hard work at the barre, the sweat, the expression of exausted eyes, exploting lines and details during the exercise and the moment of relax. The composition twins with architecture, which leads the dancer to fit in structural and architectural contexts (scales, buildings, abandoned structures, etc..) That represent the elements of contrast and harmony at the same time and fit in a landscape identifier of the place. “DANCER INSIDE” exhibitions: 1. Roma, Galleria La Pigna, Palazzo del Vicariato (in center of Roma but inside the Vatican State) Personal exibition – January 24th 2011 to february 2nd 2011; 2. Madrid, Estay, Calle Hermosillo 14 (barrio Salamanca) Personal exibition January 31st 2011 to february 19th 2011; 3. Roma, Galleria La Pigna, Palazzo del Vicariato, Collective exhibition for the calendar of ITALIA-RUSSIA events 2011 – February 5th 2011 to 20th 2011; 4. Saint-Petersburg, Nonconformist Art Center PUSHKINSKAYA-10, Personal exhibition July 2nd 2011 to August 31st 2011; this exhibition was supported from The Italian Institute of Culture in Saint-Petersburg; 5. Moscow, restaurant Isola Pinocchio and Hotel Radisson, Personal exhibition – October 13th to 30th 2011; 6. Roma, “Torretta Valadier”, an historical site in the oldest bridge of Roma (roman bridge), managed from Municipality, Personal exhibition – November 28th 2011 to November 23rd 2011; 7. Roma, Centro Russo di Scienza e Cultura (Palazzo Santacroce XVI° century), Piazza Benedetto Cairoli n°6; Personal exhibition – March 2nd to 7th 2012; 8. Tel Aviv, Gallery floor of Azrieli Center, Collective exhibition “The Swan Lake Project”- May 1st 2012 till June 8th; 9. Roma, Galleria La Pigna, Palazzo del Vicariato (Vatican State) , Collective exhibition “ Foto-Grafica-Mente” of “Gruppo Fotografi Creativi della Galleria La Pigna” – May 2 to 12, 2012; UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS 10. Saint-Petersburg, Capella gallery by Concert Hall – embankment of Moyka 20 (near Winter Palace of Hermitage) Personal exhibition – June 3th 2012 till end of June; 11. Berlin, Französischer Dom (Gendarmenmarkt), Personal exhibition from August 22nd for approx. 6 months; this exhibition is supported from the Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin; Photographic works on course: 1. Staatlische Ballettschule Berlin 2011-2012; 2. Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome 2011-2012; 3. Fashior Rcycle Art, Rome 2012;
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