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Today we come to talk about the Minion Rush , a game belonging to the genre that is sweeping in most of the screens of smartphones , endless running , which basically consists of running and jumping towards infinity avoiding all kinds of obstacles. We think that the success of this genre is due to the rivalry that it creates among the players for reaching the highest score and Free Steam Wallet Codes, Gift Cards & Money {100% working} for the desire to overcome each one. Exactly we are going to focus on one of the options that the creators of the game have introduced a few months ago, although few people have given it usefulness or simply have not noticed its existence. Its function is to redeem some secret codes to receive gifts that will improve our score in the game. You would have to get the codes right by trying a series of combinations until you find the right one, but in this case we will give them to you so that you do not have to decipher them, thus losing valuable time. Four codes to redeem gifts in Minion Rush. Get three scoring improvements : Golfer - Golfer - Baby. Get three banana upgrades : Hawaiian - Butler - Baby. Receive a banana : Minion with a mustache - Baby - Hawaiian. To redeem these codes you will have to go to the options menu and click on the gift icon in which it puts redeem code . Once there you must enter the following codes and accept. Get a banana : Golfer - Hawaiian - Minion with mustache. With bananas you can quickly improve the skills of your Minion. This title is quite similar to others of the same genre such as Subway Surfers , Sonic Dash or even the famous Temple Run . What do you think of this function introduced by the creators of Minion Rush? You can use the comments to tell us your experiences in the game and if these codes and their respective prizes have been useful to you . If you are stuck in the game, you can try using these tricks that will help you improve day by day to beat your friends' record and your own.
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steam wallet codes

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