Athletes in Recovery, Lake Park, United States

Support for Athletes in Recovery A former professional football player whose career spanned nearly 10 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Randy Grimes has spent many years battling an addiction to painkillers that he developed while trying to treat career-related injuries. He now uses his inspiring story of recovery to help victims of drug and alcohol abuse through his work as an interventionist and community liaison at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB). In 2012, Randy launched “Athletes in Recovery,” a program that is designed to help athletes of all levels find treatment for addiction while offering continued support for those already in recovery. Due to the success of Athletes in Recovery, Randy and BHOPB have partnered with the NFL’s “Player Care Foundation,” as well as the MLB, to bring further awareness and treatment services to professional athletes and their families. As a result of this partnership, over 100 athletes have since been treated. Randy has been an exemplary ambassador for BHOPB and is a quality example of the power of professional substance abuse treatment. Randy can regularly be seen as a commentator on numerous national TV networks including CNN and Fox News, and he is often called on to provide professional insight and opinions for countless radio interviews and print media pieces. Randy’s passion for helping others does not end with athletes, and he is committed to helping numerous families find balance and peace of mind by getting their addicted loved ones the help they need for their drug and alcohol addictions. Call: (877) 647-6122
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Athletes in Recovery, Lake Park, United States

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