Frequency-CHT(musician/ Band)

The Official Progressive Rock & Metal "CHAKMA BanD" "Frequency-CHT" (FCHT) Facebook Page. "Frequency-CHT" is a CHAKMA progressive Rock & Metal band which was formed in 11 January 2011. Prior to forming the band, Our Founder Band member “Wangja” thought and decided to form a band. He proposed to Towain and some of friends in sylhet. They also support Wangja’s proposal and formed the Band “Frequency-CHT”. Everything was running good but after few days later some band member left and then Jaguar, Sourav, Kito Joined in the Band. Frequency-CHT was running practice, pad, Lyrics collection by that Line up and Hega changma joined as a lyricist. After one year later, FCHT decide to build-up their strong foundation and searching for two permanent member those who will be working with FCHT as a permanent member. FCHT found these two warriors. On 06 Jan 2015 Kolin and 09 Jan 2015 Rasel joined with FCHT family. The name of "Frequency-CHT" is based on some facts, because CHT Jummo’s are not Freedom though they are Living in a Freedom country in Bangladesh. Jummo’s Girls are RAPEING, Land are engulfing, Homes are Burning by Setelers. We wanna sent massage to all jummo’s by Frequency, to Rise up Awareness …. In Wangja’s words: On 24 Jan 2015 we performed our 1st Show in Comilla Town Hall Auditorium,Comilla, Event: “5th Comilla Cultural Festival”. It was a great Experience for us. Hope we will be Perform in CHT Soon & meet with you Guys on Stage. Stage Lineup Of Frequency-CHT: 1.Towain chakma- Key-Board & Manager 2.Wangja- Vocal & Lead Guiter 3.Jaguar- Guiter & Vocal 4.Rasel Chakma- Bass 5.Sourav Chakma-Guiter 6. Kalin Chakma-Guiter & Vocal 7.Kito chakma- Drum ………………………………………………. Founder Member Of Frequency-CHT: 1. Wangja- Vocal & Lead Guiter 2. Towain Chakma- Key-Board & Manager. Frequency-CHT. 11/01/2011.
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Frequency-CHT(musician/ Band)

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