Used Book Stores of Southern California, Any So Cal Town

A place to find and discuss used book stores/sales in Southern California and to promote local walk-in trade. To receive all posts, go to the group. My book store list started many years ago when I wanted to compile an ultimate list of used book stores in Southern California. I started by roaming the Internet and downloading every book store database I could find. There must have been over two thousand entries. The big problem was that many entries were for stores that had been closed for 10 to 15 years or more. Another issue was that many entries were for non-existent stores, places that never existed. Many entries were for dealers working out of their homes, for comic shops, adult stores, christian stores, and kid stores. I'm sure that I'm missing many great stores that came and went so fast that they never registered a blip. So, now I want to make my listing public so that others may enjoy the hunt. One thing you'll notice in my listing is that there are two sheets; one for places that are open (or unknown) and another for places that are known to be closed. I decided to keep the closed list because many of these places keep showing up on the Internet. As for the posted comments, I have a very narrow opinion as to what represents a great book store. Please feel free to post any changes, corrections, or comments and I'll periodically update the list. Happy hunting! Call: Tin can and string
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Used Book Stores of Southern California, Any So Cal Town

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