Music is Life. Play SongPop with your friends or make new ones. Try now: The world's biggest music trivia game. Now even better. Listen to clips from over 100,000 songs, and guess the correct artist or title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends or play with music fans worldwide! Score the most points and win! Played SongPop? You can hop right back in with all your progress, friend, challenges, coins, VIP status, and playlists. NEW WAYS TO PLAY ◆ PARTY MODE: Compete against hundreds of players in daily tournaments! Climb the ranks and win cool prizes! ◆ MEET MELODY: Practice anytime and anywhere with Melody, the SongPop mascot. ◆ TRY FOR FREE: Try any of our more than 1000 playlists for free. Buy your favorites (buy playing or through IAP) and challenge friends. THE MUSIC TRIVIA YOU WANT ◆ Quiz yourself on dozens of genres: Today's Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, and more! ◆ Get free playlists, tailored to your music taste, just for signing up. ◆ Collections for every decade: 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and more! ◆ Toggle playlists on/off easily to play with the music you want. ◆ New music & playlists added every week! MORE WAYS TO ENJOY THE MUSIC YOU LOVE ON SONGPOP ◆ Discover new music and get your favorites ◆ See which artists are on tour near you! ◆ Watch music videos of your favorite songs on YouTube ◆ Share your favorite songs with your SongPop chat buddies ◆ Easily find other players who share your song tastes Comments? Ideas? let us know at !
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