Songpo, Songpo, China

Songpa-gu is a district of Seoul, South Korea. Songpa is located at the southeastern part of Seoul, the capital of Korea. Songpa is also the largest population district with 647,000 residents, in Seoul. This had been called as Wirye, when it was the first capital of Baekje. Songpa is generally referred to as a part of Greater Gangnam Area along with Gangnam District and Seocho District.Songpa was at the center of 1988 Seoul Olympics, and most of the sporting facilities associated with that event are located within the district.In 2009, Songpa District won the Livcom Awards of UNEP for the most liveable city.Administrative goal and directionEmblemA pine tree, the tree of Songpa, represents vitality and prosperity. Five ovals symbolized pride in hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympics.CharacterIt symbolizes the monk of the Songpa mask drama, an intangible cultural property of Songpa District.SloganSongpa, a World-class city of cultureGoalCity with the highest culture index in KoreaAdministrationThe mayor of this district is Kim Young-soon, who has been the only female mayor of the twenty-five mayors in Seoul since her election in July 2006.Songpa's history and todayPrehistoric timesNeolithic people lived in the area along the Han River because of the existence of abundant water. Call: <>
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Songpo, Songpo, China

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