Songadh, Songadh, India

Songadh is a taluka in Tapi district in the Indian state of Gujarat.GeographyFort Songadh is located at. It has an average elevation of 112 metres (367 feet).The town is located at the foot of a solitary hill, the surrounding area has been almost completely flattened by approximately 30 stone quarries. Due to these stone quarries, its economy has increased to the level of the rest of the state. Songadh's surrounding areas are covered with semi dense forest.The main town of Fort Songadh is located on Highway 6 with Nandurbar district to its east and Vyara (district headquarters) to its west. Surat is about 85 km from Songadh which has a higher population and substantially more industry. Surat has grown faster than other cities of Gujarat and consequently Tapi district district was created from the former District of Surat and Vyara was selected as the capital of the Tapi district. Songadh is about 259 km from Vadodara,about 85 km from Surat,about 18 km from Vyara.Places of interest in Fort SongadhFort of Songadh-In CityUkai Dam- 13 kmRokadiya Hanuman Temple- 3 kmParshuram Temple, CPM- 5 kmGaumukh- 13 kmDosvada Dam-Rani Mahal- 5 History of Fort The Songadh Fort was built by the founder of the Gaekwad dynasty, Pillaji Rao Gaekwad between 1729-1766. Built deliberately on top of the high hill as a vantage point to keep an eye on enemies, the fort is also a brilliant example of Indian architecture where the influence of both Mughals and Marathas are evident. There are not many Forts built in Gujarat State due to the relatively flat nature of the landscape. Neighbouring Maharashtra has comparatively many forts because of its topology. Maharashtra is guarded by Sahyadri Mountains. So the Forts are in Maharashtra are very difficult to trek where as the Fort in Songadh does not have much height and its takes approximately half an hour to reach the top of the fort. Call: <>
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Songadh, Songadh, India

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