This is the Facebook page of Songalbum (, an online singing and auditioning platform for amateur artists, underground bands and people who love to sing. Think of it as American Idol on Facebook. The aim is to elevate talent to mainstream through online singing competitions, sponsored by big brands and supported by top artists. Artists perform on Songalbum using a simple online recording studio. Using Songalbum's audio synchronization technology, several artists can perform a song together sitting at different places. Artists can also upload MP3 files, do karaoke, apply effects, sing anonymously, dedicate songs to friends, and interact with their fans. Listeners can discover music and follow their favorite artists on Songalbum. Every fair attempt on Songalbum is shared on this page. Support the artists you enjoy listening to by sharing their songs with your friends. And if you ever feel musical, sing a song on Songalbum and take the stage. Good luck!
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