Himu Songho l হিমু সংঘ 【ツ】

Himu Songho, a social enterprise, established in 2013, with a vision for a society where information and knowledge facilitates all stake holders participation in generation of wealth and its equitable distribution for poverty alleviation. Himu Songho pioneered in research on using ICT as a primary means for alleviating poverty, empowerment through minimizing the digital divide and access to information, civic participation, capacity development and employment generation. These endeavors have helped us to transcend the national boundary and become visible in the global context. Since inception Himu Songho has been trying to develop evidence based practical models that would harness the power of mobile, web and new technologies to ensure empowerment of rural population. Himu Songho pioneered in research/innovation of models and strategies using ICT as a primary tool to support and provide service to hard-to-reach population in isolated rural areas of Bangladesh. The models developed by Himu Songho for empowerment of different target population in different sectors such as livelihood, health, education have proved to have excellent scalability and replicability. Apart from that over the years Himu Songho also developed expertise in content development encompassing various issues of aforementioned sectors. Our multilateral collaborations with GO’s, NGO’s, development partners, donor agencies has strengthen our ability to undertake large scale programs and ensure smooth execution. Himu Songho has a highly active work environment with group of motivated employees and an efficient administration who are dedicated towards the cause that the organization is serving.
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Himu Songho l হিমু সংঘ 【ツ】

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