The Fugard Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

Find us on Caledon St at the corner of Buitenkant St in the Heart of District Six. ( 021 461 4554 Athol Fugard is South Africa’s most significant and internationally acclaimed playwright. For over fifty years he has written soul-searing plays with roles for all South Africans which have moved audiences in South Africa and around the world to laughter and tears as they reflected the racism, barbarity and inhumanity of apartheid. Working with John Kani, the late Zakes Mokae and others he created iconic black characters whose narratives profoundly changed the way millions of people viewed apartheid. In his over thirty plays Athol Fugard champions truth and a fundamental universal humanity. in 2011 he received the ultimate recognition from the world’s most prestigious theatre community - a Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre. The Fugard Theatre is proud to bear his name and will honour him by providing a crucible of creativity for all South Africans. The Fugard Theatre is proud to to be located in District Six and honours the history and memory of that vibrant community which was so savagely uprooted during the apartheid era. Not only does the Fugard Theatre offer world class theatre facilities across several venues, but also boasts state-of-the-art Cinema equipment doubling up the Theatres as Bioscopes. All venues are available for corporate and private rentals. Call: 021 461 4554
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The Fugard Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

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