Ever Widening Circles, Fairfield, United States

Expanding mind and creative connections Ever Widening Circles is a website we wanted, but could not find. We share one (carefully fact checked) article every day - on any subject under the sun - to prove it is still an amazing world, despite what the negative 24 hour news cycle tells us. You have come upon a place for people who are smart, still hopeful and curious about the wider world. We are a global community interested in finding connections, especially where they might not be obvious. (EWC) is interested in the thoughts, arts, science, personal stories, and innovations that can touch a universal core in almost everyone. EWC will feature perspectives from people who are asking better questions and we want to hear from the humble voices, the experts, and everyone in between with experiences that can inspire anyone. We are interested in helping each other find the quintessential best of what the internet has to offer. Before we share moving and thought-provoking content, we will be meticulous about authenticating the sources; you can trust that your time here is worthy of your precious free moments. And, most importantly, we will count on the EWC community to make this place a well-spring of "possibility thinking" for everyone. Share. Write. Comment. Join. Invite others who will add more richness to all our lives at Welcome! 1364 Castle Rd 05455 Fairfield United States Call: (802) 343-2477
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Ever Widening Circles, Fairfield, United States

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Category: Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife
Found: 03.07.2015


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