OtherWise Wageningen, Wageningen, Netherlands

Facilitating debates, discussions and supporting change in the fields of agro-ecology, democratising research and the right to a liveable environment. OtherWise is composed by a board of five student members, three professional staff members and a group of volunteers comprising mainly students at BSc, MSc or PhD level and alumni. Also there is an advisory board that supports OtherWise in strategic policy decisions (including PhD students, employees from NGO’s or community based organization, and professors at Wageningen UR) History Since 1960’s the following thematic student groups were active in Wageningen: Alternative Collective of Education and Development (IK), Workgroup Environment and Development (WMD), Theme Group for Development (TEGON). These groups had a similar mission namely: increasing the sharing of knowledge related to topics of Wageningen UR among students and staff members of Wageningen UR. 1999: merge of the three workgroups into a foundation: OtherWise! OtherWise was established by students and alumni of Wageningen University. OtherWise was established with the idea to operationalise the new mode of societal awareness and mediate academic research and education with society and agriculture, by students and lecturers of Wageningen UR. Generaal Foulkesweg 37 6703 BL Wageningen Netherlands
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OtherWise Wageningen, Wageningen, Netherlands

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