The Other People, Bombay, India

We ARE The Other People.... & we've got what YOU'RE looking for! 'The Other People' is a band from Bombay (India). We do not classify ourselves or come under any particular genre, we cover everything from Rock to Pop to Rock n' Roll to Blues to Reggae and even some Retro! We have been playing around the country for about 7 years now and are soon coming out with our debut album! We were recently the opening act for two big International artists on their tours to India in 2010 ... the first one being American Rockers 'Saving Abel' and the second being Danish Popstars 'Michael Learns To Rock'. We ensure that all our shows are filled with energy, Retro & current songs that people of all ages can relate to and just basically alot of fun! Call: +91 9870755667
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The Other People, Bombay, India

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