Tony Abbotts Lies and other Liberal Promises

The Liberal Party and what they are NOT telling you. Memes and links to help you decide for yourself. This page is sharing information about the Liberal Governments, State and Federal, their deception, lies and misinformation to the Australian Public. Admin doesn't comment too much as I provide the information and let the public discuss the issue. Whilst articles and memes are shared, they DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinion of the Admins. The information on this page is shared in good faith, but the onus is on individuals to research for themselves. Page Standards as a general guide, but at the discretion of Admin. Try focusing on Policies and Not Personal attacks, where possible. Use of the "C" word will not be tolerated. Try and be respectful to other people. Welcome to share anything that appears on this page, so others can be informed also. Remember this page is run voluntarily for your information, not to abuse. Thanks for your interest.
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Tony Abbotts Lies and other Liberal Promises

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Found: 03.07.2015


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