Josh's coin rings and other things, Clarksville, United States

The name says it all. I love crafting double-sided coin rings. I'm dedicated to making beautiful pieces of jewelry for you that will last a lifetime. I have lived in Clarksville, TN most my life and for the past few years I became very uninterested in my 9-5 job. After putting in many resumes all over town I realized getting a decent job was going to be quite difficult. After a few years of stagnant wages at a dead end job with no end in sight, I decided to create a job. I learned coin ring making and mastered the skill very quickly. I am passionate about creating quality coin jewelry for folks and I absolutely love doing it. I plan on picking up coin cutting and other coin related jewelry creations. Within a few months of creating my first coin ring I have quit my job and began doing what I love full time. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, requests or just to chat. Thanks for showing interest in my work, Josh Call: 1-931-538-5389
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Josh's coin rings and other things, Clarksville, United States

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