DIY Home Improvement Projects

This page is about home improvement projects that you CAN DO yourself and save TONS of money. Many homeowners spend LOTS of money to have professionals perform work on their homes. There are MANY projects that YOU CAN do yourself and save 75% or more. This page documents many different projects that YOU CAN DO TOO! In addition to various home improvement projects, I will also post content related to gardening, building projects related to helping you save money (E.g., the barrel stove outdoor wood furnace, solar air heaters, etc) and other various fun things! I will also post any cool deals I encounter that I believe you will also like (E.g., I get various emails on 1-day sale stuff from various sources). Disclaimer: The RISK and OUTCOME of ANY work YOU perform is ultimately YOUR responsibility. You must perform your own due diligence before undertaking projects of any kind. Safety, Permits, Cost Estimates, and Results are 100% your responsibility. If you feel unsure about performing ANY work on your own, then DON'T. Negative outcomes of ANY work not done correctly could result in damage fires, injury, or even death, not to mention your work will NOT pass inspections. There are MANY people out there that really don't know what they are doing and they read a few online articles and then they attempt to perform some work-and fail miserably-and they blame the authors of the articles OR they blame the person at the hardware store for their advice. Remember, this as well as many other online resources are for you to LEARN and provide resources for you to get better and to gain experience and YOUR results are YOUR responsibility. All negativity aside, working on your own place is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience that builds your confidence, pride, and returns much enjoyment to all projects that YOU CAN do yourself.
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DIY Home Improvement Projects

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