美麗華影城Miramar Cinemas, Taipei, Taiwan

美麗華影城官網 Session Times ENGLISH Session Times CHINESE 歡迎來到美麗華影城,我們是最具創新性和令人興奮的電影影音娛樂供應商。美麗華影城有二個地點可供選擇:美麗華大直影城及美麗華台茂影城。同時,美麗華大直影城也有有全台灣最大銀幕的IMAX影廳、提供全新多元化餐飲的M CLUB,美麗華台茂影城有2座Royal Club皇家廳。 在美麗華影城,我們提供最先進的設備,以及最有活力的服務,讓我們的客人享受當下最夯的電影。來到美麗華影城,在我們寬敞舒適的座位,享用剛製作的新鮮爆米花,好好的放鬆一下,看電影是最棒的休閒娛樂,更大的螢幕,更好的聲光效果,有什麼比的上這些呢? Welcome to Miramar Cinemas the most innovative and exciting cinema and entertainment provider. Miramar Cinemas has two locations in Da-Zhi Taipei and Tai-MAll Tayouan . We boast the largest IMAX screen in Taiwan at our Da-Zhi cinema. At Miramar Cinemas, it is our intention to continually offer an exciting, vibrant and state of the art means for our guests to enjoy the country’s most exciting blockbusters. From accessing this website, to enjoying our hot fresh popcorn, to relaxing in one of our comfortable high backed seats, the Miramar Cinemas team is committed to offering YOU the highest level of service at all times. See your movies the way they were meant to be seen. Bigger, Better, First, ONLY on the big screen ! There’s nothing like it. 中山區敬業三路22號 104 Taipei Taiwan Call: 02-8502-2208
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美麗華影城Miramar Cinemas, Taipei, Taiwan

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