i Food- Event services & planning., Cairo, Egypt

iFood Just Call 01093513987-01005032899 What is i Food? - iFood, is a newly full service Catering company that provides all the necessary utilities and support facilities to your event. What do we offer? -We have the ability to supply almost any type or size of food/drinks , from a sandwich or a small snack to full weight hot meals. What is our Goal? -Our commitment to excellence rests in the satisfaction of our customers. How Can you Reach US? For more information just call: 01005032899 01093513987 Or contact us through: E-mail: Follow us on Twitter: iFood_catering And with our past experience ,we have the ability to perform professionally under any conditions,where you can appeal to all senses in a way that makes an event special and memorable by iFood catering. Stay tuned..
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i Food- Event services & planning., Cairo, Egypt

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