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Undefining the definded Wedding Steven Szeto 自2002年開始,超過12年來主力從事婚禮、宴會及項目統籌工作,擁有豐富餐飲及項目統籌經驗及多元化婚禮項目設計構思。 畢業於澳洲新南威爾斯大學,及後於香港浸會大學修畢有關香港宴會及項目管理。Steven Szeto 曾接受多個學生團體、雜誌及婚禮網站(BigCouple.HK)等訪問。多年來曾協助多名法律、商業及醫學等專業界別人士統籌其婚禮,包括《鐘氏兄弟》哥哥-鐘一匡(Henry) 作婚禮項目總監。統籌全球最頂尖大學-英國牛津大學(University of Oxford) 及英國劍橋大學(University of Cambridge) 香港校友會的周年晚會,連續多年協助嘉道理集團其下的私人飛機及直昇機公司統籌其聖誕及周年晚宴。於2011年協助統籌由新城電台 Metro Radio 支持,香港大埔林村主辦的首屆"香港許願節"情人節活動。2014年協助青年商會大型活動《小紙箱 大世界 2014》擔任項目主席,統籌超過100位工作人員完成一500人2日1夜的生活體驗。 於香港大學專業進修學院(HKU Space)、香港專業進修學校(港專)及持續進修基金課程擔任客席講師,分享各項工作經驗。近年專注於婚禮統籌工作,努力發展婚禮相關項目製作,希望提供專業、完善、貼心的婚禮管理及統籌服務。 Being a renowned wedding and event planner in Hong Kong, Steven Szeto has more than 12 years of experience in wedding and event management. Steven have been interviewed by various magazines, website and organizations to share on his wedding and event planning experiences. Throughout the years, Steven have been coordinating the weddings for customers from various professional, law, medical and business sectors, including famous Hong Kong musicians – Henry Chung of “Chung Brothers” and his families. Management of the annual ball for the Hong Kong Alumni of University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. Coordination for the annual and Christmas party for the private jet and helicopter sector business of the Kadoorie Group in Hong Kong. Managing the Valentine's Day event for the large-scale city-wide event - "Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival" by the Hong Kong Lam Tsuen and Metro Radio Hong Kong. Chairing for the city-wide 2 days large-scale event “Shelter Dreams” for Junior Chamber International with over 100 event coordinators in 2014 as well. Steven have expended his event management skills out of the wedding service as well. Steven has also been invited as guest assessors, sharing job experience with the students from the Hong Kong University – School of Professional and Continuing Education, Hong Kong College of Technology and courses of Continuing Education Fund. As highly recognized by client, Steven have been focus on the wedding production and comprehensive event management service for customers, dedicated to meet the customer needs with professional, tailored and superior service philosophies. 跟一般的 Wedding Planner 不一樣,Steven 著眼的不只是一對新人,亦著眼於整個婚禮的每一位參與者,不論是相方的父母家人、婚禮的兄弟姊妹、每位到場的賓客、以至拍攝團隊及婚宴場地。 一切由一段求婚的故事開始,Steven 便跟婚禮統籌拉上了關係。2002年,接手了一項湖上求婚記的工作,花了多個月的安排、統籌、推廣,最後成功協助了一位客人於2002年2月14日情人節晚上 “求得美人歸”。此次湖上求婚記更被《壹傳媒》、《星島日報》、《明報》、及其他報章等訪問,暢談項目內容。 自2002年開始接觸婚宴統籌工作,Steven 至今已協助及見證了數以百對的新人翻過人生的新一頁。每一對由 Steven統籌婚禮的新人,都可完全放心的將自己的大日子交到他手上。『許多新人都說結婚不只是兩個人的事,如何能夠令新人可以好好去 ENJOY 自己的大日子,同時做到令每位參加的賓客感受得到一對新人的喜悅,才是最考功夫。難忘的婚禮不一定要花上千萬金錢、而是當中的感受 !』。 外表平靜,內裡卻滿是古怪的鬼主意。深入硏究各種跟婚禮有關的項目,愛跟人分享,卻又最喜歡站於後台,享受流程自動進行的喜悅。閒時愛紅酒,駕駛,奇怪玩意。 Instead of following the normal practice of traditional wedding planners in-town, Steven's focus at the total wedding atmosphere, creating the warm and enjoyment for not only the Bride and the Groom, but also their beloved parents, friends, important guests, as well as all co-related parties of their wedding such as, Venue providers, Photographers, Makeup Artist, Production House etc. Graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, with later at the Baptist University of Hong Kong, focus on event management and organization. Steven have started his engagement with the wedding and event industry since 2002, while he was working for a marriage proposal event during the Valentine's Day. The preparation and pre-event timelines takes almost half year, and success story was also being interviewed by major local newpapers and magazines to cover about the planning and execution for the event. As quoted by Steve at all times, “although it is always been said that - Wedding is not only just about the couple themselves, there were lots of constrains and every wedding are different. How to let the Bride and the Groom can fully relax and enjoy their once in a lifetime event is the most important, which also requires the highest skills and technics. Sparkling Moment can also be created by professional works and experience”. Call: 2690 9029 (Office) | 9852 0573 (Whatsapp)
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Steven Szeto專頁: Wedding Planning & Event Services, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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