Tuk Tuk Catering Services

Founded by our mother company, IJEON, Tuk Tuk Catering Services is a catering pioneer specialize in delivering the finest event experience from personal gatherings to corporate venue management. Passionate for food and culture, Tuk Tuk Catering Services also manages events for corporate and education instituion solutions such as meeting refreshments, cocktail launches, cafeteria or canteen set-up and more! We are constantly growing everyday by learning and adapting new creatives things for our future events so be sure to be on a lookout for us. For more updates, be sure to follow our Facebook Page for more exciting times to come! Business Name: Tuk Tuk Catering Services Sdn Bhd Business Registration No. : 1138035-H
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Tuk Tuk Catering Services

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Found: 03.07.2015


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