Fleetway Event Services, Fleetwood, United States

An event services company specializing in Photobooths. Fleetway Event Services is a division of Framerate Films and Entertainment LLC, dedicated to helping you make your next event as fun and memorable as possible. Scripture is full of references to celebration. We have all been invited to “the wedding supper of the Lamb,” the biggest and best celebration there will ever be. Therefore, we at Fleetway Event Services believe human beings were made to party. But let’s face it, partying can be hard work for the host. That’s why we’re here; to provide you with event services that will help you enjoy the big day. Whether it’s our Photobooth Service, or Event Planning that you can find through one of our preferred vendors, we’re here to make your event shine. 590 N Richmond St 19522 Fleetwood United States Call: (484) 269-6345
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Fleetway Event Services, Fleetwood, United States

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