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Who we are ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd organizes its own annual flagship events such as the Global Indian Festival which is held in June annually and Deepavali Carnival with is an open concept shopping carnival which runs for two weeks before the National Celebration of Deepavali. ASC Agenda Suria Communication also works with various Multinational companies to organize Corporate Events and promotional activities. Our extensive experience in the field of event management is focused on providing a unique experience to each of our clients, be it the occasion of launching a product, Trade Fair, Exhibitions etc. The experience of working with brands, corporate organizations in Malaysia and its region helps us to provide clients with cost effective and outstanding solutions. Our range of event management and event planning services are backed by team of industry experts in the field of creative design, pyrotechnics, special effects system, lighting & AV systems. We also have with us latest range of audiovisual equipment that helps in making events not just successful but also memorable for years to come. What we do we are more of event consultants for our clients than event managers or event planners. Our job is to advise our clients on the best practices and the most feasible approach to reach their goals and deliver their messages effectively. And we are able to take on this role thanks to the long and vast experience of our team in different fields of promotion and production, and to the exceptional relationships we have with our suppliers and partners.
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Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd

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