TOCA Event Services, Beirut

Hiring lighted furniture, lighted bar and lighting balloons for all types of events and weddings. Who does not like to feel part of something luxurious? TOCA offers you illuminated LED furniture in high fashion, which is also functional, exciting, and classy. Suitable for use indoors or out, all models are battery powered, leaving no cables for the guest to trip over. Colors and fades are controlled by simple handheld remote controls. The products are constructed from an opaque, robust polyethylene, and are all IP65 rated for use in wet weather. The Right Mood for Your Event: Set different moods with color changing furniture or create themes with specific colors. The use of soothing lights calms the people’s emotions. While bright, intense lights boost the crowd to have a splendid time. Elegant Surroundings: Creating a beautifully lit trail with soft lights forms a hypnotizing atmosphere. Using an illuminated cocktail bar will mark your event as a hotspot and one of the places to be. TOCA can charm your: Birthdays Bachelors Weddings Dinners Corporate events Openings Private parties Beach parties House parties Call: 009613385774
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TOCA Event Services, Beirut

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