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"Wizkalifu"Eston Kimere music it's in between Micheal Jackson and the Beattles. Watch/Listen: Eston Maina Kimere A.K.A Wizkalifu is a talented singer, songwriter and performer. When he was 5years old his mother sister loved to hear him singing. At age of 6 he use to sing for his grandfather, grandmother, his dad, auntie, uncles and he would get paid by them. In elementally school he was very good in drama and music. In high school teachers noticed he was intelligent and they appointed him to be the entertainment captain of the school. He kicked off his singing career at the early age of 10 when he recorded his first song in Platinum studio in Kenya. He went on to record a 11 track album, which he released in Destiny international ministry under the name of Stonie; was just a stint that earned him a remarkable deal of encouragement and recognition from family, his church and other artistes. Years later in 2007 with a new stage name, and a passion for making music and God-given talent, Wizkalifu got back into the studio to hone his craft. He continued to develop as a Singer and Songwriter by working under some of Kenya's biggest Musical names such as Dj Alex from Homeboyz studio, Dj Josh & Dj Stevo from Destiny Record and also Dj Bobi from victory record and even others. With education from Africa and America. Over the next few years his talent as a Singer and Songwriter became evident and it resulted in Wizkalifu being prominently working alongside some of the biggest Music producer's in U.S. Music Industry. Currently working on his second music album. His new single "it's my life" recorded in U.S by his big time producer DJ Joe from LA is catching allot of funs all around the Globe.
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Wizkalifu Public Figure

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