Local Business Adverts, Elland, United Kingdom

Local Business Adverts focuses on all things local. It is a website that keeps things as simple as possible. It also donates a percentage of each advert received, to charity. It also provides employment for people who want to help promote the website. Local Business Adverts was set up to enable people from anywhere in the UK to find what they were looking for, "at a glance." So for example if you were searching for a plumber or a beautician in your own local area, it would be easy to click on your region and find the advert right away. It's aim is to support Local People, Local Businesses and the Local Community. As well as that, we also donate a percentage of each and every advert to charity. Each advertiser can choose a charity of their choice. Plus, we are looking for people to help promote the website, so if anyone is looking for a job, please feel free to contact us or check out the Employment page. Call: 07815117965
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Local Business Adverts, Elland, United Kingdom

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Found: 03.07.2015


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