Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Official Facebook page of Arab News: Saudi Arabia's first English language newspaper — ______________________________________________________________________ SRPC, an SRMG subsidiary, is the first media company that publicly offered a share of its capital in an IPO, during the first quarter of 2006. SRPC is the publisher and copyrights owner to 14 publications, of which 6 are daily newspapers, 4 weekly magazines, and a quarterly fashion catalog (seasonal). In addition to the over 20 publications' supplements. SRPC always strives to increase the fundamental value and the value-added content of its publications, to enrich the knowledge and culture of its readers. SRPC always seeks quality and excellence in its publications, in terms of paper, printing, or advertisements. SRPC is keen on assuring that state of the art technologies in publishing and media services, are learned and implemented across the company. As for intellectual rights, SRPC differentiates between ownerships and editorials, where Saudi Arabia's editorial regulations are strictly implemented by all publications. SRPC sends its gratitude to all its customers of all types; readers, advertisers, subscribers, interactive services clients, and website visitors for their continuous support. As we strive to participate in serving the community and working for its development in a civilized & traditional manner, we promise all members of our community to continue accommodating all of their and the country's. Call: +966 (12) 2836200
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Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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