Rastafari TV Network, Fort Lauderdale, United States

A 24 hour Conscious Multi-Media Network that embodies culture, history, facts and an agenda of truth and knowledge of our rich heritage and traditions. Almighty God in His infinite wisdom and bounty has endowed knowledge to have his servants construct a foundation stone for the publishing of RasTafari.TV – a 24 hour Conscious Media Network that embodies culture, history, facts and an agenda of truth, while sharing the knowledge of the Divine Culture of Our Empire, Ethiopia, as revealed through the Life and Faith of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, The Conquering Lion of Judah, 225 Lineage of the Solomonic Kings. In order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and Self-determination, to secure Justice and maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our Divine Heritage, we establish RasTafari.TV to carve for ourselves a place in the sun. RasTafari.TV, though internet based, aim to play a pivotal role in re-educating the youth and elders alike about our rich heritage, traditions and high moral standards. Our Creator has blessed Our people with various incomparable talents, riches and resources. The development of these resources has been Our constant preoccupation and We are today taking the first step in establishing and re-broadcasting Our own programs for the fullest utilization of this God-given gift for the benefit our Our people, marking thereby the high place which We have ascribed. Unlike so many people around her, Ethiopians, whom we shall call The Children of The Motherland, have been especially blessed with abundance. It is the duty and privilege of this generation and of posterity to conserve and develop these precious facts and resources. To fail to do so will be to fail in our God-given responsibility. We have laid the foundation for the integral development of our people and is thereby protecting from eradication the rich and precious heritage and knowledge of Our Empire. We are storing up a wealth of information and providing a platform where we can network and do business our people. RasTafari.TV Media Network is providing the sinews of information through the generation of technology and social media and finally, We are aiding and campaigning for the development of programs aimed at self reliance. The rapid growth of our population and the fast pace of our socio-economic expansion call for the early fulfillment of many developmental programs. It is obvious that the benefit of unifying our resources and publishing vital information will give a tremendous, impulsion to the development of our people’s greatest potential to raise the standard of living to any people. This Project has taken years of exhaustive technological hours, field work, painstaking compilation, and the examination of records and hidden knowledge for nearly a generation. We are establishing for Our beloved people a source of wealth. This project constitutes the initial step both in the development and utilization of the resources of Our Empire, and programs designed by Us for enhancing the progress and expansion of all fields. We shall never cease to strive and exploit to the maximum each individual source of wealth which God Almighty in His mercy has bestowed upon us. It is our duty to see that Our own media network is built in order to ensure this bounty of Providence does not go to waste and is utilized to the greater glory of His handywork. We are tirelessly striving to ensure that the riches and blessings bestowed upon Our people by God in His generosity, is put to good use for the welfare and progress of Our people. It is the duty and obligation of every citizen of Our Empire to assist Us in the tasks which we have undertaken. We express our most profound gratitude to God Almighty for having inspired Us to envisage this project and having enable Us to see it come to life. In conclusion, we would like to express Our thanks to and the for the spirit of collaboration in this matter and for fostering the good relations between Us. Please help us to build our bond of self-reliance which in essence is the highest science. Call: 8883086616
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Rastafari TV Network, Fort Lauderdale, United States

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