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The Compass TV Network is an online TV Network specializing in international food & travel shows for the savvy traveler: The Compass TV Network is a privately funded online TV network creating and producing original "micro TV" shows for English speaking fans across the globe. Our original micro TV Programs are between 5 - 10mins in length, featuring: travel, food, expat lifestyles, sport fishing, international real estate, health & fitness. #CompassTVNetwork #LiveTheDream Mission Statement: The Compass TV Network takes our viewers on exotic adventures across the globe creating exciting and thoughtful experiences about international travel, food, cultures and insights. As a media organization we will use our exposure and resources to give back and support "Orphaned Children" in impoverished communities around world. Please feel free to "like" our facebook page and follow us on twitter, instagram & pinterest to get updates on our upcoming shows and production photos. Thank you for your continual support! Will Roadhouse - Producer Dean Studebaker - Producer Jason Johnson - Producer Our new TV shows in production: - Living on $1,000 a month in... - Travel-Uncut (International Food & Travel): Exploring international destinations and vacation get-a-ways on a “budget!” - Working in Paradise: What’s it like to work and live in these exotic destinations? ExPATS: This show is going to explore the different cultures throughout the world and follow the “expats” that call these foreign locations...home. - XANEXAY: A documentary series about ex-refugee "Xanexay Xaykosy" traveling back to northern Thailand to revisit what's left of his refugee camp...and to find the closure he’s been searching for the last 30yrs. - Local EATS (International Edition): We’re headed “off-the-beaten-path” to the top international destinations in search the best “local EATS!” Great local cuisine that’s inexpensive and tasty! - Beyond Fitness: Reinventing health & fitness. please subscribe to our official YouTube and Vimeo channels at:
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Compass TV Network

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