Change TV Network, Los Angeles, United States

ChangeTV, a network focused on creating positive social change, is soliciting help to develop their social issues based programs. We are a television network currently soliciting individuals to help develop their social issues based programming. We are looking for scholars, activists, journalists, content experts, writers, actors, producers, directors, camera operators, editors, animators, graphic designers, website designers, programmers, accountants, attorneys, business marketing, public relations, social media specialists and anyone that has a positive skill to offer to help develop these shows. ChangeTV’s areas of focus are: Voices of Catholic Abuse/Laity Review Human Rights/ Marriage Equality Sensible Gun Control/NRA Local and State Politics,/Gerrymandering/Voter Suppression Big Pharma/Prescription Drugs,/Health Insuranc/Health Care Marijuana Legalization Financial Industry/Why didn’t anyone go to jail Big Oil vs Clean Energy/ The Science of climate change Asian/Pacific Islanders America/Model Minority Cutting no more! Stop female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Wine/Dinner Life Style Sports Zumba Challenge Karaoke Local Idol GameTV for the rest of us Health/Diet/Exercise/Blood Chemistry Immigration Reform Animal Rights Malaria and Hunger Also, ‘’If you have a cause you’d like to advocate or if you have finished shows, we are open to new ideas that will further our mission.” 12044 W Washington Blvd 90066 Los Angeles United States Call: (310) 466-3624
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Change TV Network, Los Angeles, United States

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Found: 03.07.2015


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