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Reaching Families All Over The World through multi media entertainment. ABOUT SET FREE TV NETWOK In today’s world technology has taken the place of family time. Dr. Olivia Ware recognized this and created effective tools to bring families back together. with this in mind. Dr. Olivia. Ware established (SFTN) to integrate the changes in times with family programs that reconnect the family unit.. Mission To provide set-boxes for satellite TV, radio, internet streaming, and TV programs that promote, improve, enhance, the quality of family life by offering intervention and prevention programs 24/7 worldwide. Vision To reach all families of the world, wherever they are spiritually, financially, academically, culturally, and geographically, regardless of age. • SFTN will broadcast television programs to over 20 million households in South America, North America, and Central America, the Caribbean Islands, including Canada and Mexico • SFTN offers the most for your money, 24/7 worth of television programs and advertising on a global wide satellite television. • 100 channels that offer intervention and prevention family programs for a competitive, monthly subscriber’s fee. • We have the technical ability to deliver the Set-Top Boxes to the customers efficiently. • Teams of certified professionals, including satellite technicians and experts, up-to-date appropriate skills in media equipment and logistics. Remember, your organization, church or business can be heard worldwide for a weekly low rate. Speak to our sales Department at 770-788-0470
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Set Free TV Network

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