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Professional Coach and Facilitator with a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and an MSc in Coaching Psychology integrating positive psychology and research based approaches/techniques to enhance personal and professional development. In Reach specialises in 1-1 and group coaching; training and consultancy to: Children, young people Parents Education establishments, schools, colleges, universities The company's ethos is that people are born unique with their own identity and blueprint, no two people are the same. Somehow, somewhere through the journey of life that uniqueness and identity is lost as individuals struggle to identify who they are seeking commonalities from those who listen and understand; forming positive or negative relationships and experiences. It is hoped that if children/young people identify strengths, meaning, and maintain well-being as a foundation in their childhood, it could impact, and make a positive difference to the choices made during their adulthood. Coaching aims to challenge stereotypes by raising the aspirations of our children, demonstrating that anyone that who wants to be can be in reach of themselves and in reach of others. It is important to note that coaching should not be perceived as a negative intervention that looks back, but a positive way of looking forward to identify realistic options that will help to make steps towards aspired dreams or goals.
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In Reach Coaching

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