T K Dunn - Life Styles & Strategies Coach is a Life Styles & Strategies Coach, Psychic-Medium, Remote Viewer, Brainwave Entrainment Designer, Brain & Fitness Trainer and more...with a well-established base of clients. T K Dunn was raised in Minneapolis, MN and spent most of her life searching for what seemed to be that elusive sense of purpose. Born Tammy Heath and later taking on her married name of Tammy Heath Pierson, T K Dunn established a strong presence in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metaphysical/Holistic community for several years. The decision to drop her maiden and married names came after her divorce and several years of soul-searching that left her not identifying with the names previously attached to her. As T K wanted to move forward her new offerings, it seemed like the right time to re-brand personally, as well as professionally. Over the years T K Dunn found that others were drawn to her for advice and support, so it was natural for her to find a career in Coaching. More recently she has dedicated herself to becoming certified and training others in Personal Fitness, as a Sports Hypnotist and Life Strategies Coach. The end product is a well-rounded base for Whole Wellness. Life Strategies Coaching, Personal Fitness Training, Sports Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Nutritional Coaching and more are the offerings that T K Dunn and SEAway Energy, LLC proudly offer. Taking from her many years of teaching classes and workshops, speaking to audiences and facilitating groups - T K Dunn is ever striving to add in coursework that will aid her in having services that encompass a complete offering of Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness. T K Dunn has retained a strong client base and as a result, a high percentage of her business is from repeat customers and referrals.
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T K Dunn - Life Styles & Strategies Coach

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