Coach Bobbi, Sydney, Australia

Coach Bobbi a Life Creation Specialist for women who want more:- in life, in relationships and from themselves. Email Coach Bobbi is a Life Creation Specialist. Through her work as an accredited Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, published writer, speaker & qualified trainer, she connects with real women who live real day to day lives:- women who experience a multitude of challenges, along with life's joyous highs and desperate lows to show them that whilst we all share similar paths and stories, it is up to the daily choices that you make which will carry you to your own definition of success, joy and happiness in life. Life is all about the ‘follow up’. It’s not about the mistakes you make or the errors in judgement. I can guarantee that at some point we are all going make a mistake so the key is to decide today on how you will choose to view those mistakes. Failure can stop you in your tracks or can be a gift that teaches you that there is a better way to do something. As Thomas Edison, the American inventor of the light bulb said: “I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that do not work.” Inspired living is what you choose to do after those times we make a mistake or experience failure. It is those choices that define who we are, not the error itself. Our mistakes do not make up our character. They are presented to each and every one of us as an opportunity to learn and evolve during our journey on earth. What creates our character, are the choices that we make and the action that we take - the follow up. Coach Bobbi teaches the concept that 'all emotions support a holistic human experience' and act as a navigation system, and a teaching tool to provide us with more of an awareness of who we are, so then we may take definite, positive action to learn, grow and evolve. The overlying theme of her work is women giving themselves a break, cutting themselves some slack and realising "yeah, I'm okay, I'm doing my best" and assisting them with her own personal life experience, along with tools, tips and knowledge to live better, smarter and stronger, and to grow even more to reach a place where they are living their personal version of a desired life. Call: <>
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Coach Bobbi, Sydney, Australia

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