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From Fear to Love with Rosane Gibson As a Coach, I have helped numerous people breaking through the barriers of the mind, and expand to the unlimitedness power of their spirit. The programs I offer are like a road map to the soul! It awakens your inner power allowing you to become your highest version and live the life of your dreams. My clients change, transform and re-create for health, wellness and wealth! By doing so, they also INSPIRE others to do the same. PROGRAMS FOR BUSINESS WOMEN I work with business women who lead teams. I offer programs for teams that are not getting much done and need to be better, and teams that are working well but want to excel and be awesome. PROGRAMS FOR WOMEN GOING THROUGH LIFE TRANSITION I work with women that are facing challenges on their relationships, divorce, empty nest, health and well being - menopause, weight gain, anxiety or depression. Individual Sessions with assessment is also provided.
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Rosane LifeCoach

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