The OFFICIAL Shoeholics™ page. A social network community, print & digital magazine. We want to say a big thank you to all of our fans. This page was dormant with a handful of fans since it's inception but really increased dramatically by July 2011. Some people asked if we ever intend to design shoes. Well that's like saying will Vogue ever start a couture line of clothes. That won't be fair to advertisers/supporters at all. Our main purpose is to appreciate the craftsmanship of shoes as art. We don't post about sales or what is current season or follow trends. We admire the overall existence of well made shoes regardless of who it is by; big name or not. If it appeals to us we will share it or feature it in our magazine. Genuine Shoeholics should be unbiased by name but more focused on well designed shoes. Happy shoe loving! :)
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