By the Grace of Dog Community Outreach and Rescue Organization, Fayette City, United States

By The Grace of Dog is dedicated to helping pets and families with kindness and compassion. We believe that listening is the key to good communication and that Education=Prevention. Our goal is to help pets and their families through education, community outreach, low cost resources and rescue. We are a small organization and utilize Foster Homes for pets in need of rescue as well as work cooperatively with several local no-kill shelters to secure safe placement. We can take a limited number of dogs and cats and can only do so when there is an available, approved foster home and funding available for medical care. We offer assistance to families with chained/outside dogs and can assist with missing, abandon and stray pets when volunteers/funds are available. We do not "Pull/Rescue" dogs from out of state because we feel there are enough animals in need right here in our area. We can assist with transport locally however if that dog is traveling across state lines we will not assist unless provided a copy of the Health Certificate. This is a page for volunteers, supporters and families of By the Grace of Dog Community Outreach and Rescue, LLC. We encourage open and respectful discussion. By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our commenting policy, outlined below. We reserve the right to delete posts containing any of the following elements: - extreme profanity - misinformation - spam - off-topic / irrelevant - personal attacks - promoting violence - promoting illegal or questionable activities - rallying on behalf of people or organizations which support animal abuse * posting an address or other personal information about another individual without their expressed written consent will not be tolerated! If you repeatedly violate this policy, you will be removed from our page. If you become a bother to our volunteers, supporters or families being helped you will be removed. Again, we encourage open discussion, which includes polite disagreements, but we will not tolerate negativity, harassment or taunting of our volunteers, supporters or families being helped. * DISCLAIMER* We do not in any way promote or condone ANYONE taking the law into their own hands or trespassing on private property. The sole purpose of the sharing is to bring awareness and we encourage people to call and report any neglect or abuse to their local humane agencies. * Contributions are not tax deductible at this time.* PO Box 377 15438 Fayette City United States Call: (412) 526-7272
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By the Grace of Dog Community Outreach and Rescue Organization, Fayette City, United States

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