Musana Community Development Organization, Lafayette, United States

Musana is changing the community of Iganga, Uganda with an innovative and sustainable solution to development. Musana Community Development Organization was created when our team of founders discovered 162 children living at an orphanage in the worst conditions imaginable. These kids, aged 4-14, were hungry and neglected. They were sleeping on rocky dirt floors, suffered from numerous diseases and infections, were not being educated, and were being abused by the people that were supposed to be taking care of them. Desperate and hopeless, many of the girls would turn to local hotels to sell themselves for money to put food in their bellies and the boys would steal from the market in town. In September 2008, Musana Children’s Home moved 80 of the 162 children into a place they could finally call home. To shift away from promoting dependence that “Children’s Home” implies, and to give justice to the many projects that make up Musana, we switched our name from Musana Children’s Home to Musana Community Development Organization (MCDO), a national NGO, and our home became Musana Nursery and Primary School Mixed Day and Boarding. Our desire is that Musana not be a charity, but rather a social business that is completely owned and run by the local community of Iganga. There are more than forty-five Ugandans on staff at MCDO, making up the day and boarding school that educates 280 kids, a rural sponsorship program that helps send multiple children in rustic areas to attend local primary schools and our boarding school, a secondary sponsorship program that sends our graduates to higher education institutes, a microfinance project that educates and helps local widows and impoverish women start their own businesses, and different sustainability projects that include growing and harvesting tilapia, a dairy cow project, a chicken project, an agriculture project, a café/restaurant, and a craft project that employs women in rural areas and equips them with skills of making jewelry and tailoring. MCDO is run by locals and empowers locals to make a difference in their communities by enabling them to be economically and socially independent while maintaining their dignity, and in return teach the children and community the same thing! 355 W South Boulder Rd 80026 Lafayette United States Call: (303) 604-3798
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Musana Community Development Organization, Lafayette, United States

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