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Representing perspectives in design, art and culture from Pakistan and miscellaneous Inbox your submissions anytime! Design, Art and Craft has evolved into post modernity and a blend of narrative, all the time while evolving into a focused and unique fusion in Pakistan. Since the time when art began to flow out through post Independence exhibits, today Pakistani artists and designers have brought about that progression and influence which is worth bringing out to the masses. At Blogger's Canvas, the aim is to experience the endeavors in Pakistani design, art, craft and progressive culture and promote it within the general audience who wishes to learn about it. The platform also discusses design and various other art and cultural forms from around the globe including histories, theories, literature and dialogue. And then again, naturally, a bit of here and there as well. Interested persons can inbox any submissions which they would like to see published on the page and the blog.
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Found: 17.11.2015


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