Community Organization

Community organization covers a series of activities at the community level aimed at bringing about desired improvement in the social well being of individuals, groups and neighborhoods. It is being often used synonymous to community work, community development and community mobilization. It can represent both community-based organizations, operating as civil society non-profits, and also as a function of organizing within communities defined by geographical location, shared work space, and/or shared experience or concerns. Community organizing is a democratic instrument to create sustained social change. Community organization is a process by which a community identifies needs and takes action, and in doing so... develops co-operative attitudes and practices (Murray G. Ross, 1967).Within community-based organizations, there are many variations in terms of size and organizational structure. Some are formally incorporated, with a written constitution and a board of directors (also known as a committee), while others are much smaller and are more informal. Community organizations often incorporate the processes of community organization, the action that usually comes from these organizations have power to address the issues that affect the individuals in the society and within their social institutions, as well as community development. The recent evolution of community organizations, especially in developing countries, has strengthened the view that these "bottom-up" organizations are more effective addressing local needs than larger charitable organizations. It is not the multiplicity of institutions, interest groups or set of activities which embodies community organization. But the factors like interaction, integration and co-ordination of the existing institutions, interest groups and activities, and evolving new groups and institutions, if necessary to meet the changing conditions and needs of the community.
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Community Organization

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