Hearts To Hands Community Organization for "Sandy" Relief, Ridley Park, United States

We are an organization from Delaware County, Pennsylvania giving help to Super Storm Sandy Rlief. Hearts to Hands are made of volunteers residing in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Our volunteer’s have come together to raise much needed donations to the victims of Super Storm Sandy. As you know there are still currently thousands of people living in New Jersey that do not have the capability or funds to afford basic essentials such as food, clothing and necessities to rebuild their holmes. The devastation of Sandy has left a long term effect on many families of the east coast. Hearts to Hands have come together as a group to assist. We have started this group hoping to get Delaware County residents involved as volunteers. We are all families wanting to help in the only way we can, with our hearts. Knowing that if we get the word out about our volunteer organization Hearts to Hands will grow and we can have an impact on helping the victims with what they need. Making calls, sending e-mails, hanging flyers, talking to people, having donation drives have started getting our name out but this is a time sensitive issue. Residents and distribution centers need Food, funds, building /cleaning supplies and volunteers to help right now and in the coming years. In order to succeed we need assist and the community to come together as a whole. We are asking for your help. Our goal is for schools, churches, businesses, & other organizations to get involved with us. All we are asking is for your time and your voice the rest will fall into place with everyone working together. As parents we have encouraged our children to help us with what they are able to. After donating their time they felt rewarded knowing they helped someone who was in need and actually had fun doing it. My son suggested asking the schools to get involved along with his friends. Hearts and Hands felt this was a great idea, we thought, we will give everyone the the opportunity to help. So this is what we are doing, we are asking local schools to get involved. How? In any way you can! We need volunteers for e~mailing/ phone calls, donations, drivers, distributing flyers, skilled & unskilled workers for rebuilding going to distribution canters in NJ etc We need volunteers doing some things that our founders are doing so we can do our part where we are needed. People with special skills to offer are greatly welcome but skills are not necessary. Just a “Heart” and some time. The time you give is up to you. You can give as much or as little time as often as you want. So lend your "heart"! E~mail us: Call: (484) 494-0926
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