Konawa Action Community Organization, Konawa, United States

KONAWA ACTION COMMUNITY is a NON-PROFIT organization of like minded people with the goal of beautifying and restoring the town of Konawa. This page is dedicated to the Volunteers working together to restore the town of Konawa. It is a way to keep up with what KAC is doing and how you can get involved and make a difference! Konawa Action Community is a Non-profit organization. Join us! Volunteer time, materials, whatever you can, all for to help restore our once lovely town! Community instead of committee means that this organization is open to anyone willing to join, with the same goals in mind. This is not a message board to advertise, sell, or complain. We are volunteering - joining hands and working together to improve our town. It's all about working to improve Konawa! President: Debbie Isaacs Secretary: Michelle Osborn Members: Melissa Isaacs, Amanda Leslie, Vicki Soar, Gail Shrader, Camille Howard, Christina Marsh, Dianne Hackett, Tiffany Barton, and others KAC is a member of the Konawa Chamber of Commerce. KAC is powered by Volunteers and funded by donations. KAC has a bank account for donations set up at Sooner State Bank. Contact us: Email: Or by mail: PO Box 182 Konawa, Ok 74849 Disclaimer: Anything posted on this group page may be used to feature the efforts of this group &/or it's members in the Konawa Leader or other news resources to keep the community aware and to raise moral. P.O. BOX 182 74849 Konawa United States
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Konawa Action Community Organization, Konawa, United States

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