River Road Community Organization

RRCO meets the 2nd Monday most months from 7- 9 PM @ River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. General Membership meeting followed by Board meeting. The purpose of the RRCO is to advocate on behalf of the people living in the area and represent the community organization’s views to Lane County, City of Eugene and other decision-making agencies, on matters affecting the general welfare, growth and development of the area as well as: • Facilitate neighborhood improvement projects and social events • Provide a forum to identify, discuss, and resolve neighborhood issues • Inform citizens on issues, public process, urban services and elections We serve the area between the Willamette River and Northwest Expressway from Chambers Overpass on the south to Beltline Expressway on the north. NOTE: This is a forum for constructive, civil discussion. No profanity, bigotry, abusive language or verbal attacks on persons or groups please. This page is a open to people 13+. Any posts that contain non-factual, bigoted or defamatory statements may be taken down by page administrators. All posts must comply with Oregon law regarding libel, slander & defamation. If your comments consistently or intentionally make this online community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. ATTENTION POLITICAL & COMMERCIAL ADVERTISERS: Please do not post your promotion, products or services more often than once each week. Thank you. CONTACT US: Use the "Message" button on our Timeline page to contact the volunteers who administer this Facebook site.
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River Road Community Organization

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