Filipino Community Organization in Libya

WE, FILIPINO WORKERS of various sectors in LIBYA in the pursuit of our vision to improved our moral, social, cultural and economic well-being including that of our dependents and of our country, the Philippines, and recognizing that our struggle for unity and independence can only be attained by unifying ourselves into one establish organization, fully aware that the preservation of our freedom and our economic advancement require that our democratic institutions, civil rights and liberties be preserved, strengthened and extended, on this date have voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a non-stock, non profit organization under the laws of the Philippines and that of the host country, LIBYA. Filipino Community Organization in Libya (Founded 2005) OUR OBJECTIVES 1. To integrate and unify all Filipinos in Libya without regard to religion and ideology. 2. To assist in fostering good relation between the citizens and the government of the host country and of the Republic of the Philippines. 3. To promote and foster better relations, mutual understanding, spirit of camaraderie, and fellowship among Filipinos. 4. To contribute our share to the growth and development of Filipino People residing in Libya. 5. To provide the instrument for the professional and career advancement such as training programs for the Filipino Workers and dependents as appropriate. 6. To carry out any other objectives for the benefits and well being of its members. DISCLAIMER Any content posted on this group is for informational purposes only. FILCOL makes no representation of any information on this group or found by following link on this site. FILCOL will not be liable for any errors or omission’s in this information nor for the availability of this information. FILCOL is not responsible for the publishing of the content found on this group on other site or media without permission. If you want to removed or delete any information on this group just message the admin and we will remove it. FILCOL has the right to edit or delete any comments submitted without notice due to; this policy is subject to change at anytime. Thank you.
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Filipino Community Organization in Libya

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