Medification Community Services and Organization

We offer a wide variety of classes to educate patients on what they need to know. Class prices are low and affordable to ALL: Myth vs. Fact (pre-card education), Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (employees rights and employer responsibility), How to be a law abiding AND respectable patient, Medical Marijuana Strain review (what's right for you?), How to talk to your kids about medical marijuana, Joint rolling 101, Advanced Joint Rolling, Medicate/Meditate: getting the best when combinig both (staying in the moment vs false reality), Journal keeping for your meds, How to medicate and what's best for you, and MANY more!!!!!!! Our community service efforts are always in need of volunteers. Inbox us if you're interested in giving back to communities and being on the forefront of erasing this stigma we've been labeled with over the years. Our efforts include: Park Clean-ups Neighborhood Clean-ups Food deliveries for the underprivilidged Introductions within communities Community car washes Etc... Q: Where's the money go from the class' ticket sales? A: All monies generated will go back into the medical marijuana community as well as any and all communities in need that we can reach. The MMJ community will enjoy things like a fantasy football league with live draft, socials with live music, sporting events, special interest groups, Medical Marijuana Patient ONLY closed 12 step meetings... All patient events, socials and meetings are PATIENT ONLY. You must have an active State of Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana card to attend. No acceptions! The majority of our monies will go back into funds like: a medication fund for veterans who can't afford to purchase their meds. A mmj card fund for seriously ill or injured who are on very low income, Ruth's Foundation, independantly funded research studies on the medicinal benefits of marijuana, foundations for the mentally ill, supervised residental homes for adults, and anything at all we can give back to. We are always open to suggestions!
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Medification Community Services and Organization

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